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Support community for Japanese language learners. Weekly check-ins and motivational posts!
About This Community
benkyou_shiyou is a support community for Japanese language learners. We offer motivational posts, weekly check-ins and a friendly place for you to talk about your journey in studying Japanese and to request help and guidance.

Who is this community for:
Those who want to progress in their Japanese but lack the motivation to keep at it every day; people doing self-study who feel a little lonely studying all alone; people who forget to study Japanese, even though they really want to get better; anyone who wants to hang out with other LJ users who are studying Japanese.

What to expect:
Our first annual round starts on March 1, 2015 and ends February 29, 2016. The goal is to check in every week (or whenever you feel like it, there's really no pressure!) and update us on your progress, discuss the obstacles you faced in your studies, and set a goal for yourself for the next week, or month, or couple of months. A weekly motivational post will also accompany the weekly check-in. At the end of the year we will look back on our goals and see if we hit any of them. Hopefully we will! Weeks run from Monday through Sunday, with the check-in post being posted on the Sunday.

(the idea to do a "round" of check-ins and motivational posts is inspired by onedeadplotbunny, a writing community on DW).

Posting/Commenting Guidelines
This community should be fun and casual and useful to our members, so if you want to post something related to your Japanese studies, whether it's resources (check our Resources List), study tips, reviews of new books, websites, Japanese-language manga, etc, feel free to do so! The only steadfast rule for this community is this: be polite and respective to everyone, and play nice!

If you are interested in writing a weekly motivational/check-in post, please go to the Weekly Claims Post page