Check-In: Your Greatest Accomplishment

Hi guys!  Looks like Tuesdays are the least crazy nights, which means I'll be doing the check-in posts every Tuesday instead of Sunday from now on!   How is everyone doing?

Unfortunately since tax season is in full swing and I'm trying my best to use up all my time to study (and play that damn disney tsum tsum game) I don't have anything to share this week other than a snapshot of my Japanese language learning shelf.  Sorry it's so messy!!

If you have a photos of your Japanese library--or photos of just one resource that you're using to study Japanese--please share with everyone in the comments!!  I know I'm very curious to see what everyone is using to study/read.

Let us know how you did this past week in the comments! no title
no title
A few more pages of 「つぐみ」this week. Reached level 30 on WaniKani this morning, but still need to do the lessons. Lessons are always the hardest. I copied down about 20 new vocab words. Totally falling short of my daily goal of 15 words, but I think I'm okay with a couple dozen words a week, actually.

Still, could be better.

Most exciting thing this week was discovering that my old Casio XD-G9600 has a kanji look-up function by radical and stroke count, which I'm starting to prefer to drawing out the kanji, since sometimes I just don't have the right stroke order or count if I've never see the kanji before. Being able to look up by radical makes it much easier.
HI! This is pretty much a lost week, since I'm in Walt Disney World for the week (I know, don't cry for me :) ). The only Japanese "work" I've been able to do so far is to pick up the Japanese versions of the park maps at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom; tomorrow, Epcot, then Saturday, Hollywood Studios. I hope they'll be fun to work through when I get home.

I like seeing your Japanese library. When I get home, I'll try to remember to post mine.
Still no luck with pursuing Anki. Sigh... Also, my time on the laptop/computer has been lessened, and I'm increasingly feeling more and more lazy by the day. OTL

Either way, the only things that keep going are the blog translation, language exchange, and fansubbing stuff. I sound like a broken record >_< I took note of some newly encountered words from my students and my language buddy, but haven't gotten around to actually writing them.

My Japanese learning resources library:

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