I'm checking in!

I thought I'd post here, since not many others in my life are very interested in how my Japanese studies are coming along. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to tell someone, anyone, that I've just finished Genki I after what feels like an eternity and have moved on to Genki II! :D It was superslow from the start, and I couldn't make myself study very often because of the feeling of it being an uphill struggle. But the last few months, since the turn of the year actually, I've studied almost every single day! So yay for me! LOL

I have also developed a new cool habit: every time I'm bored (which sometimes happens a few times a day), I study some Japanese! I am kind of in love with this new habit to be honest. ;)

Still struggling with some kanji, but weirdly picking other stray kanjis up just because they look easy and are part of compound words I know one other kanji of... so that's nice too.

How are you guys doing? I am genuinely interested to hear about it! :)
Congratulations on finishing Genki I! That's a great accomplishment, especially if you've been working through it by yourself. Genki II has some slightly tricky but very important and useful grammar for you to look forward to. :)

I like the idea of studying when you're bored! I've been trying to get into the habit of studying instead of picking up my smartphone and doing nothing in particular, but it's been a struggle so far. Luckily I've managed to do a lot of kanji review lately, which is something I really needed to do!
I've been trying, since yesterday, to reply to your post. My internet was acting crazy, but any way!

It's great that you finished the GENKI 1 book. I wanted to try the GENKI series but they cost too much.

I started back at learning Japanese on wednesday, I'm practicing my listening and I do practice writing some.
Re: Hello!!
At first I thought Genki was really boring, actually. But towards the end it was less about school life and more about people to people relations, so it was more fun with the dialogues... I have to admit that I don't have a physical copy of the books. I also thought they were too expensive. I put my money towards dictionaries in paper format instead, since I found it really annoying to use e-book formats of those. :)

Right now, I'm working hard on both kanji and sentence structure. I feel that I lack mostly in those two parts of the language.