Check-In Post (and grammar from A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar)

Hi guys!  Sorry this is grievously late. We had a pretty annoying weekend and I ended up completely forgetting about this.  My bad!

For those of you who tried to translate the passage from last week's check-in post, I've edited that post with the English translation.  Please take a look if you'd like!

How is everyone doing this week?  We're two weeks into March, yay!  Hopefully everyone's learned a lot of useful things.  If you can, please comment with at least one vocabulary word you've learned in the past week that you'd like to share with everyone!

I recommend A Dictioanry of Beginning/Intermediate Japanese Grammar to a lot of people.  I think these volumes are the best way get a better understanding of random grammar, and for those of you who don't yet have either copy yet, here is an entire entry for the grammar point 風に...

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Hello, hello! Sorry I haven't been checking in ... there's always something, it seems, preventing me from studying and/or checking in -- which made the intro check-in post so good to, at least, think about (if not actually to get around responding to): what are the things that I tell myself that make/allow me to procrastinate? Mostly, I seem to tell myself that I don't have time, which I then prove incorrect by wasting time fooling around on the internet or watching TV. Secondly, I do travel a lot: in fact, I'm on a trip right now ... but trips can offer a lot of "downtime", such as sitting in the car for hours, that could be used to study. So ...

I have actually made a little progress in the past week. Since I am starting back at the beginning (my Japanese study at college was done more than 25 years ago!), I spent several hours this week going through Chapter 1 of Nakama 1, basically reviewing hiragana and some basic phrases. Started into Chapter 2 yesterday.

Things I want/need to do are (1) to get my computer set up to write in true Japanese script (instead of the romaji I'm doing right now), (2) to get started inputting vocabulary and sentences into Anki, and (3) get started using some of my audio resources (find such online for Nakama or use what I have at home for Genki and/or Japanese for Busy People.

I'll still be traveling for the next couple of weeks, but plan to continue reading in Nakama and possibly start the others above, if it is possible.