Check-In Post (and grammar from A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar)

Hi guys!  Sorry this is grievously late. We had a pretty annoying weekend and I ended up completely forgetting about this.  My bad!

For those of you who tried to translate the passage from last week's check-in post, I've edited that post with the English translation.  Please take a look if you'd like!

How is everyone doing this week?  We're two weeks into March, yay!  Hopefully everyone's learned a lot of useful things.  If you can, please comment with at least one vocabulary word you've learned in the past week that you'd like to share with everyone!

I recommend A Dictioanry of Beginning/Intermediate Japanese Grammar to a lot of people.  I think these volumes are the best way get a better understanding of random grammar, and for those of you who don't yet have either copy yet, here is an entire entry for the grammar point 風に...

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Again, not as productive with the traditional methods, but I've finally finished understanding Genki II's first chapter. Some new concepts encountered such as -くなさそう (i adjectives) and -じゃなさそう (na adjectives). Also, started checking the answers from the exercise notebook I have for Genki I textbook and workbook. Not a lot of mistakes so far, just some careless misreadings, which I really need to lessen as well. Need a lot of practice though, since especially during my language exchange sessions, I keep forgetting a lot of stuff and conjugate verbs quite badly, especially in plain form ;A;

Right now, I'm starting my own Genki Kanji deck with the onyomi and kunyomi. I'm quite confident with my recognition skills and recall from meaning, but recalling it from thin air when writing and being able to accurately read it is still far from my grasp. I'm a little confused on how to do grammar decks though as Crystal suggested >_<

Did well with keeping up with the language exchange sessions as always, although the noisy environment made it hard for me to hear my buddy's complicated Japanese expressions OTL (we couldn't help but get into really serious topics like the World War II and, um... nationalities, sometimes >_<). I also wasn't able to get a good sleep last week since I kept staying up late just to translate Kalafina blog entries, so I got sleepy while talking with him.

I also finally watched the two Japanese movies my other friend sent me, 永遠の0 (Eternal Zero) and 告白 (Confessions) using only Japanese subtitles. The dialogues were a little daunting at first, but as I progressed, I was able to understand stuff much better. Missed a lot of details as expected, but I can get the most important ones and the overall gist of the story. 80% comprehension, if I'm to quantify it :P

One word I've learned while translating one of Kalafina's blog post:
打ち上げパーティー = launch party OR wrap party
-> a party that is held either for launching a project or after an event/project is over

About A Dictionary of Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Japanese Grammar, I'm totally interested in it ever since I've downloaded a copy from the Internet! I've lost that copy, sadly, but now there's a lot of motivation to buy them next! Quite pricey, though, but once I'm done with the Genki stage, I'll move on to them! Hopefully XD But I still have a complimentary copy of Essential Japanese Grammar from Tuttle, which is really nice but annoys me because of Romaji use OTL