Check-In Post (and grammar from A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar)

Hi guys!  Sorry this is grievously late. We had a pretty annoying weekend and I ended up completely forgetting about this.  My bad!

For those of you who tried to translate the passage from last week's check-in post, I've edited that post with the English translation.  Please take a look if you'd like!

How is everyone doing this week?  We're two weeks into March, yay!  Hopefully everyone's learned a lot of useful things.  If you can, please comment with at least one vocabulary word you've learned in the past week that you'd like to share with everyone!

I recommend A Dictioanry of Beginning/Intermediate Japanese Grammar to a lot of people.  I think these volumes are the best way get a better understanding of random grammar, and for those of you who don't yet have either copy yet, here is an entire entry for the grammar point 風に...

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I completely failed this past week due to work & Japan trip excitement. I missed about three or four days of studying. I did, however, manage to start reading another Yoshimoto Banana book (つぐみ) and look up some vocabulary and grammar for that, so that was nice. I only got through about three pages of it, though! Also continuing along with WaniKani. Watched some anime with husband, and listened to some Japanese music this past week. Overall, not as productive as I'd like to be, but not a total loss!