Three (-ish) days till March!

Hi all!  There are about three days to go until the first ever annual round of the community begins!  I'm excited to see that a few more people have joined since last week.  Can't wait to get to know everyone better and to share our triumphs and frustrations with one another during this upcoming year!

I want to remind everyone that this is a support community, which means that if you ever need help with something please don't hesitate to comment/post.

If anyone feels as if they have something to say or share about the process of learning Japanese, or of learning languages in general, please consider signing up to write the check-in post for one of the Sundays after March 1st.  You can learn more about this here.  I don't want to sound like a broken record, but it'd be really nice (but not obligatory!) if everyone could get involved in running the community since I think that would make everything more fun for us all.  =)