Welcome new members!

We have more than a couple members now, yay!  I think if we all participate in some way or other this year, we're going to get a lot of good use out of this community.  Let's support each other on this journey towards (hopefully!) fluency.  =)

Our official first round begins March 1, 2015.  Since that is less than two weeks away, I'd like to urge any of you who haven't to take a look at the Introductions & Goals post and write an introduction before March 1st.

If you do not want to introduce yourself and plan to just lurk (which is perfectly all right!) please still make a list for yourself of your short-tern and long-term goals for this round of the community (you can see examples of other people's goals in the comments of the Intro & Goals post).  Keep this list for yourself somewhere safe, so you can refer to it throughout the year.

We also have a Resources page, so if you need some study resources (or know of some good ones not already on the list!) please take a look!  For this list of resources, we're looking specifically for things that members have actually tried and found useful.